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The Evolving Face of PAT

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about PAT testing and the frequency with which tests should be carried out.

This talk has led some to say that the changing face of PAT procedure means that going into the industry is a bad idea and that new recommendations to test via a risk based approach spells the end for those wanting to make a career in the PAT world.

However, Seaward reported recently that these changes don’t spell the death of PAT testing, as some say, but do in fact provide those willing to embrace the changes with the chance to provide clients with a much more thorough and professional service through a new way of performing PAT testing.

The changes will undoubtedly spell a change in the way PAT testing is carried out, but these changes can be an opportunity according to Jim Wallace, the Associate Director of Seward.

He discusses the fact that electrical testing needs to have a more focused approach and assess the safety risks of each appliance individually. This does mean that the current practice of charging per test will need to change and become a more a more thorough service of professional advisory, testing and record keeping.

Regardless of the changes to PAT testing procedures the fact that PAT testing saves lives and, prevents fires and injuries is indisputable. This fact has not changed and PAT testing will remain, it is only the unnecessary frequent testing of low risk appliances that is causing concern.

Jim Wallace reportedly said that the changes will allow PAT companies to continue to thrive once they embrace these changes and understand the new requirements.

Therefore we can be certain that PAT testing is not leaving, it is merely evolving.

Written by Sara Thomson

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