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Two Pets Killed by a Faulty Dishwasher

Recent reports hit the national news of a kitchen fire which killed two family pets. The family themselves were unhurt but the fire, which destroyed their kitchen, was started by an electrical fault in their dishwasher which had been reported to the manufacturer.

Their particular model of dishwasher was recalled along with 632,000 others due to a potential overheating issue in the control panel.

The local fire service reported that they have been called out to three incidents involving Bosch dishwashers in the last few months alone.

The issue affects dishwashers manufactured between 1999 and 2005, however Bosch admitted that they have so far only managed to trace 163,000 of the affected models.

Recent years have seen a vast number of manufacturers issuing recalls for various products and models of varying household electrical items.

Reports into such cases admit that it is notoriously difficult to trace appliances sold, especially if the recall affects products manufactured over a number of years such as is the case with the Bosch dishwasher recall.

Written by Sara Thomson ebay uk site down .

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