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Counterfeit Plug Campaign by PlugSafe

The flood of counterfeit and unsafe electrical plugs in the UK in recent years is being highlighted by a special electrical safety initiative called PlugSafe.

The campaign team manage an information portal updated and handled by a group of voluntary professional electrical engineers, who also work alongside other industry bodies to stand against the safety threats posed by these faulty electrical appliances.

Those dangers already highlighted by the group include counterfeit fuses and plugs which have been marked with BS1363 but are still fraudulent.

The group have found that despite the Plug and Socket Safety Regulations, passed in 1994 to remove the amount of counterfeit and dangerous plugs being sold to consumers, a considerable amount of these dangerous items are still being sold in the UK and online to unsuspecting consumers.

Commonly, counterfeit plugs deviate from the BS1363 requirements which state that all power pins, i.e. the shorter pins, are partially insulated and earth pins must be solid brass, or plastic for those intended for use with non earthed devices.

The group are currently looking for user experiences with counterfeit plugs and cables and are interested in any kind of issues with sparking, melting and burning.

If you have had any experience with counterfeit plugs, either in your professional or personal life, visit the PlugSafe site and contact them with your story.

Written by Sara Thomson

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