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Do you Encourage use of the Home Safety App?

Did you know that ESC has a free Home Electrical Safety Check app?

The app was launched a little while ago now and aims to help consumers carry out simple visual checks in their homes.

Available for both Android and Apple products, the app can be simply and easily downloaded for a quick handy guide for non electrical people.

Designed to be straight forward for non-electricians to understand, the app goes through and highlights potential dangers in every room of a property and explains how to solve non technical, simple problems.

If the consumer using the app, discovers a serious problem, they are advised to use a registered electrician to fix the issue.

The app is part of the ESC’s aim to reduce the figures of 70 deaths and 350,000 serious injuries each year in the UK due to electrical accidents or misuse of electrics and appliances. Fires started by electrical issues and misuse currently stand at 21,000 each year.

ESC hope that through consumers using this app and electrical industry professionals encouraging its use, it will address the complacency which surrounds electricity and reduce these figures.

The app is very interactive and comes with visual and written guidance to ensure that it is as user friendly and simple to use as possible.

Written by Sara Thomson

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