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Jobs for the Girls Campaign Still Strong

The recession has caused unemployment figures to rise, and amongst women in particular there are now 1.1 million unemployed.

This alongside recent research which reveals that women are feeling under-valued in the workplace and overshadowed by male colleagues make the ‘Jobs for the Girls’ campaign all the more important.

The campaign was set up by NICEIC and aims to get more women into the electrical industry and to improve figures of female electrical workers, which currently stand at approximately one in every one thousand electricians.

Now, with research revealing that women are still disadvantaged in the workplace and more than half admitting feeling that inequality has worsened since the recession began,  the campaign to encourage women into the electrical industry couldn’t be more relevant and important to the electrical industry and female employment as a whole.

However, an encouraging trend has emerged which promises that the unequal balance in the electrical industry may be starting to shift, as two thirds of 16-24 year old women have reported of their preference in learning a skilled trade rather than a profession, and 35% of these said that becoming an electrician is of most interest to them. This figure was the highest of all of the skilled trades reported as being of interest to the women.

So with NICEIC and Dragon’s Den star Hilary Devey continuing to support the Jobs for the Girls campaign, alongside the hope that this trend towards the electrical industry continues, it is anticipated that more women will be encouraged to take the leap into the electrical industry and not see it as a purely male profession.

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