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We have updated our Best-Selling DVD/USB to an online course. All formats are compatible with our online course/exam.

PAT Testing equipment from
City & Guilds Training centre

The following reviews were kindly left by our Pat testing course delegates:

Douglas Brown:

'The DVD course is very instructive and of great value to ensure that the novice undertaking the task of testing potentially lethal equipment is competently trained.'

Ged Marlow:

'I found the course and dvd very informative and cleared up a lot of misconceptions regarding pat testing. keep up the good work'

Gary Brookes:

'All fantastic, DVD was very good, never liked exam's anyway but enjoyed this one. Many thanks and Happy New Year. Gary Brookes.'

Deb Nash:

'Coming from someone with no electrical background whatsoever, I found the DVD very informative and easily retained the information allowing me to pass 1st time. Thank you.'

Roy Flint:

'Excellent DVD. Followed this root for training as there is a refresher course available any time you want to run the disc. Passed exam first attempt. GREAT.'

Mike Jordan:

'Excellent DVD. I own a mobile disco and having all my equipment tested was costing me a fortune. Having passed your exam means I can now do it myself saving me money. Thankyou!!!'

carl mason:

'the DVD was down to earth (no pun intended) informative and easy to follow. The exam was straighforward but not made too easy which would lessen the value.'


'Excellent DVD, everything very clearly explained,
recommend it to any one.'

Carl Shipman:

'What a fantastic way to learn PAT-TESTING. The Dvd is really clear & easy to follow. Excelent package!'

Peter Johnson:

'Excellent package. The dvd was well constructed and presented in a relaxed but informative manner. "Thanks for not making it rocket science!"'

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