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ESC and the Blunder Hunt

ESC has launched a new campaign which is aimed at general consumers to help reduce the electrical mistakes they are making in their homes.

Despite a decline in recent years, these ‘blunders’ are leading to fires and electrical accidents, with fire caused by the misuse of electrical appliances increasing considerably. Average figures now stand at 22 deaths, 2,500 serious injuries and millions of pounds of damage every year.

Research has revealed that an increase in high risk appliances in the home, including things like microwaves and tumble dryers, combined with figures of more than half of UK homes not having any form of RCD protection encourages the conclusion that this increase in fires in the home is not entirely surprising.

However, there are still many incidents of electrical mistakes being made on a daily basis which are causing accidents and fires. The following are the most common:

  • Blocking air vents on microwaves to use it as an additional surface
  • Leaving a tumble dryer on overnight and unattended for periods of time
  • Not cleaning behind fridges and freezers which causes the air vents to become blocked
  • Overloading adaptor sockets
  • Leaving electrical appliances on unattended

Three quarters of the population admitted to committing at least one of these safety issues and ESC now believe that this shows a clear link to the surge in fires.

This Blunder Hunt campaign aims to ensure people are informed about electrical safety and, cut fires and accidents in the home.

Written by Sara Thomson

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