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Tests Show Kitchen Appliance Failure

ESC’s continuing research into electrical risks posed by faulty appliances revealed the need to look at the safety of kitchen equipment with product standards.

This particular category is regularly notified as being unsafe by RAPEX and most worryingly is the products aimed at children.

The European Safety Standards for toasters and portable cooking appliances has been amended twice in the last few years in an attempt to reduce the surface temperate of appliances so that children from eight years old will be able to use these appliances safely.

As part of this ongoing concern, ESC decided to commission an independent laboratory test to inspect eleven products at random.

Products selected were from particular categories commonly found in domestic kitchens.

The range of products chosen for the test included the following:

  • Toasters -3
  • Halogen Oven – 1
  • Mini Oven – 1
  • Microwave Oven – 1
  • Popcorn Maker – 1
  • Rice Cooker – 1
  • Deep Fat Fryer – 1
  • Induction Cooker – 1
  • Portable Washing Machine – 1

Once tests were completed, the results revealed that shockingly only one of the eleven products tested actually passed with no departures or observations being made.

More than half didn’t meet the required product standards, which is extremely worrying and highlights the need for manufacturers to ensure that their products meet relevant regulations.

As a randomly bought group of products, almost all should have easily passed these tests. The fact that they have not done so is a considerable problem that should be addressed.

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