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Encourage Clients to Use the Product Recall Tool

With product recalls being in the news a lot recently, we thought it important to highlight the situation.

There have been a number of incidents involving recalled electrical products which have caught fire and some manufacturers are having difficulty tracing all of the recalled products sold.

Some public members are unaware that they are using faulty electrical equipment and carry on using appliances regardless.

However, it is important that those affected understand the dangers and understand how to find out if they possess a recalled product.

The Electrical Safety Council has, on their website, a product recall tool available for anyone to use. It is an advanced search tool which filters search results based on a number of criteria.

It’s very simple to use and can search via a number of different methods. The tool contains details of products recalled since 2007. If consumers search for a product which then comes up as not listed, this means that the product has not been recalled.

Encourage your clients and customers to use the tool to ensure that all their electrical products are safe and haven’t had recall notices placed on them. If more people are made aware of the danger of these faulty electrical appliances, the number of fires and other incidents should begin to fall.

Help businesses and consumers stay safe with electrical appliances by encouraging them to check out the ESC’s product safety recall tool.

Written by Sara Thomson

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